Ecstatic Valentine

Give a gift of DESIRE and PASSION!!!

The Ultimate Valentine’s Day Gift! For Him and Her!

TIGERNUT MILK and WATERMELON Juice. Nature’s best kept secret in the colours of Love.



Two of our most popular and potent natural Libido enhancers.

Our Tigernut Milk is an exciting blend of Tigernuts/Coconuts/Dates/Ginger.
For centuries the hausa people have testified to the potency of this delicious gluten free alternative to diary milk, as a natural aphrodisiac.

Juicy Red Watermelon melons are not only delicious but are also natural aphrodisiacs.

Natural aphrodisiacs stimulate the production of hormones that create sexual desire.


The Tigernut Milk, Watermelon Juice, Valentine pack is a 50cl pack of Six bottles

Clients can choose their preferred products to make up the 6 pack.



Tigernut (50cl) 600

Watermelon  (50cl) 400

Watermelon/Pineapple  (50cl) 400

Watermelon/Orange/Pineapple (50cl) 400

* Watermelon can be ordered in any of our varieties.


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