How to Preserve home made Juice

The nourishing goodness of natural homemade juice is like none other. The problem most people on this side of the clime are faced with is preserving the juice, especially when you have to deal with erratic power supply. Let me share with you one of the old tricks in the book.

Green and Yellow Lemon
Green and Yellow Lemon (photo credit; google image)

Good old Lime citrus OR Lemon. To preserve your mango, orange, pineapple, watermelon etc. juice, add a dash of lime/ lemon juice to it.
Not only would the lime enhance the flavours of your juice, it would delay the fermentation process and you can enjoy your juice for a longer period of time. To preserve the juice for even longer, you can grate some lime rind i.e the skin or peel of the lime into your juice. Be careful however not to put too much so that your juice won’t taste bitter.
A dash of lime juice would also prevent your Banana Split or Avocado Smoothie from turning dark and unappealing.

Lime (photo credit; google images)
Lime (photo credit; google images)

Lemon Juice and Lime Juice, are natures best tools and natural preservatives.
DON’T FORGET to refrigerate your homemade juice and smoothies if you are not consuming it all at once.

At Fontaine De Vie, we never use any artificial preservatives for any of our products. This is our personal guarantee.


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